“We don’t know the world because we haven’t made it, now we do”, Neo Prim, 2035

This ist the code for Neo Prim:

Neo Prim is an ‘ident unit’ in SIMULACRON-1. His maker is Frist Prim. The maker of First Prim is Minimal Blue. Minimal Blue was the first artist created in a walkable environment in 2008. He guided the creation known as Minimal Smart for the first experience where ‘Avatars meeting art’. There is the first blog out of this to see how all started: iin3d.wordpress.com

Things have changed. The creations of Minimal Blue have taken over control. They claim their rights. Neo Prim is the youngest and the oldest in a way. He was created in 2035 in the simulator to look back as fare as possible for Minimal Blue. This goes back to 1976 when the first digital art was performed. He carries the knowlege of the elder … ’42’. One artwork of 1978 that has made it to the future you can enjoy here …

Yes he is the ’42’ tag and Zuse guides him …

More artwork of the past will come to life as you can see in the RecodeArt project at https://recodeart.wordpress.com/

In 2022 Amazon aired a series where the term NEOPRIM, which William Gibson used in his novel The Peripheral (2014, is used.

The domain neoprim.com was registered in 2011.

“what did you do to those neoprims?” Season 1, Episode 3. The Peripheral

“The Neoprims had me serve them their food at the refectory.” Season 1, Episode 5. The Peripheral