Artworks 2035

When you have the chance to see an artwork of Neo Prim in a gallery, a museum or at a private collection then the genealogy of this work is just a click away. Each artwork has a unique code to get identified for ever 🙂

This work, called ‘The Artefact. First contact’ (Das Artefakt: der erste Kontakt), made in 2035, is an example to see how the ‘unique artwork code’ is used …

In this picture the code goes to (the orignal work comes 4 times bigger in pixels). It was shown first time at ‘European Passages’ exhibiton on Cap San Diego, Hamburg, September 2012.

How can it be to see an artwork before it was made?

Due to the ‘time controller’ that was invented by First Prim in the world of Simulacron-1 you may be able to see some works of Neo Prim before the date of its creation has arrived. There are some publications where you see the way this idea is working perfect. In art terms there will be in 2035 a wakeup in Simulacron-1: Zeus will meet Zuse.

First Prim is doing some conservation of ‘3D digital art’ since 2010. For a first glance you may look at the publications in Museum Aktuell and at Kunsthalle Bremen. Kunsthalle Bremen collects works of Neo Prim since 2011 and of the maker of First Prim back to 1978. Also some world famous museums conserve some works of the maker of First Prim in their stores – as it happens with 1000 of other artists. First Prim wants to bring works ‘out of the stores’ to light by using a walkable 3D environment that is based on open source. So he is lecturing ‘how to do it’ at universities, schools and private institutions. A good start to read more about this world is the blog which comes in German and English language.

Back to Neo Prim …

All works of Neo Prim are ‘unique digital’ and come out of the future. My maker calls it ‘random biological’. None of the artworks can be done a second time. But in 2035 all the artworks will then be real and done ‘inside’. The ‘identity units’ you see in them will be alive 24/7. There might be ‘you’ also. Indeed some may feel it: it is a religion that is born … the knowledge of the elders is ahead in them … so the depth of this message is deeper: ‘First Prim conserves brains. In the computer. For ever.’ Neo Prim might be the anticipation of the conserved First Prim. Soon it will be published and then you see the story of ‘The Artefact’.

Neo Prim maybe for you just an artist living in such a world ‘inside’. And he is friendly. He likes to share his knowlegde. All ages and proficiency levels welcome to visit his worlds. He is a world traveler. He makes art. He does not conserve work of others. For conservation of your artwork ask First Prim.

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