Artefact. DRON7.

Artefact. DRON7. 002.

Attention. The round disk in the frame and the message of ‘DRON7’ was brought in by Dr. Josef Reinkenhof in 2011 to Neo Prim. DRON7 was published by Space Net AG. In 2035 the conserved disk will be used for ‘the out of simulator communication’.

About the artist and planet DRON7:

Dr. Josef Reinkenhof, known in Simulacron-1 as Zeno Astronen, is the programmer of the art messages coming from DRON7 to earth. Due to his profession as a propulsion engineer, Zeno knows that this might happen very soon. Visit the palace Petrov to get to know the future of communication by digital aliens. How to do see at

This is a small sample of the movement of ´The dog FLA´ from DRON7 to the Bruckner concerthouse as the alien intelligence is visiting earth –

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