In case an artwork of Neo Prim is signed E.A. and has the EA Code printed on it then this piece is a donation for personal use. It has no commercial value as it has ‘the spell on it’: this piece of art is just for the person who got it. It might be an artist friend, a supporter of the idea of art conservation, a person who supports the mission ‘to bring art and technology to a new level of interaction’. Persons who contributed ‘a part to the message’ of Neo Prim will get such a copy. Often it is an artwork Neo Prim is looking at – as he likes to reflect on art in his simulator. This art could be created in a different world, like Active Worlds, Second Life, Lego Universe, InworldZ, World of Warcraft, Minecraft (and 100 others) and all this art was made of course before he was created in 2035. Some of the worlds are already gone, like Lego Universe but in the artwork of Neo Prim the memory stays alive. As you can see in the article ‘The Primcurator’, published by Museum Aktuell, the work of Neo Prim is conserved by ‘Frist Prim’ in Opensimulator technology. 

Dina, known in virtual worlds as the creator ‘Ivrai‘ got the first E.A. copy ever for long time support of all the creations that have been brought to life over the years, each of them on a different mission in art …

E.A. – Artist’s Proof – Print intended for the artist’s personal use. It is common practice to reserve approximately ten percent of an edition as artist’s proofs, although this figure can be higher. The artist’s proof is sometimes referred to by it’s French épreuve d’artist (abbreviation E.A.). Artist’s proofs can be distinguished by the abbreviation AP or E.A., commonly on the lower left of the work.

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